About Our Cause

Putting Families First

The House of Delegates needs to give top priority to the needs of Virginia's families.  

For too long, we have had politicians who run on "family values" but who then go on to cut funding for vital services and our most important institutions.  

We need to get rid of politicians who just say "family values" and elect leaders who actually value families. 


Saving Our Schools

We need to invest in our public schools.  Virginia's schools are consistently underfunded and the average teacher pay is much lower than our nation's average. Teachers continue to take on new burdens with no compensation.  

We need to invest in our teachers so they can continue to invest in our students' futures.  

Strong schools make strong communities.

Rebuilding Our Infrastructure

Our roads and bridges continue to get worse. Degraded infrastructure is unattractive and dangerous. 

We need to put people to work fixing these problems using an environmentally sound approach.

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