About Dr. Ben


As the child of two communications professors, I grew up in an intellectually active household. I began attending Ohio University at 16 and spent the following year as a Rotary Exchange student in the Netherlands. When I returned, I continued at OU to earn a degree in sociology and criminology. I have studied welfare reform, suicide and homicide, and hold a doctorate from the University at Albany, State University of New York. I now teach remotely at Purdue University from my home in Midlothian. 


My wife and I have arranged our professional careers so that I can spend as much time as possible with my son, Jake, who has inspired much of my community involvement. From creating reading groups that were to be discontinued at our local library, to starting social groups for preschoolers, we have sought to foster the same care for all children as we provide for our own child. This ultimately led to the creation of my small business, Dr. Ben’s Biology Bonanza, which provides early science education to preschool and elementary school aged children. 


My family also loves to stay involved in our community, through Cub Scouts, PTA, and soccer. I currently hold leadership roles in all three, and am the President-elect of the Robious Elementary School PTA. 

Helping YOU!

My community involvement is focused on meeting the need of our families. My volunteering directly informs this campaign.  Our government is not functioning properly. And we can fix that. I have a flexible life that will allow me to serve you to the fullest extent, and I am ready to make the changes our families need with your help. I will be your voice.